Placing a foot medic insole inside of a trail running shoe.

How to Wear

Place them on top or underneath the factory foam insole in your shoes, whichever your prefer. Wear intermttently while your feet adjust to the contour and support. The goal is to ramp up slowly to where they feel good in your shoes full time.

Depending on your foot shape, if you ever notice rubbing along an edge you can simply apply some moleskin to that part of the insert or wear thicker socks. This is an uncommon scenario.

If at any time the inserts begin hurting your feet, stop wearing them.

We understand that no product is right for everyone, so don't hesitate to contact us for a refund within 30 days if you feel they're not helping. Foot Medic Insoles are not made for shoe widths 4E and larger.

Break-in is easy: Start Slow, Be Patient, and Listen to Your Body.

Our Story

Our insoles were first designed by Navy veteran, multi-marathoner and Certified Pedorthist Ricky Wyatt back in the 90's at Wyatt & Dad Shoe Repair in Winston-Salem, NC.

Over the years, Ricky saw countless patients with foot injuries that were dreading going under the knife and he sought to find a solution that was more effective and less costly than custom orthotics.

After many iterations over more than a decade of R&D and patient feedback, Foot Medic Insoles were born (then called, 'Foot Control and Support Systems').

They're designed to encompass all of the most important supportive measures that your foot needs. Our patented Triple-Arch Support and Integrated Deep Heel Cup address most common foot pain related injuries by preventing improper foot motion and allowing your feet to heal and become stronger over time.

Foot Medic Insoles have been proudly manufactured in Kokomo, Indiana since 2019.